Buckingham Palace Had Twitter Buzzing at 3AM All Because of This Announcement

On May 5th, the world learned that Queen Elizabeth had called for all servants from royal residents across England to Buckingham Palace for an “emergency meeting”.


The strangest thing about this emergency meeting at Buckingham Palace? The announcement was made at 3AM! Which, supposedly, is quite rare.

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This announcement didn’t just catch the attention of England. It caught the attention of the WHOLE world.

Twitter via @Arianwen09

People from across all different time zones stayed awake waiting to learn exactly what this Buckingham Palace “emergency meeting” was really all about.

Twitter via @LVGinger729

Twitter users from across the globe tweeted speculations about why Queen Elizabeth called for this emergency meeting.

Twitter via @jrivera64

Some tweets stated that they believed that Prince Phillip passed away. After all, Prince Phillip is 96 years old.

Twitter via @kevole

Other tweets rumored that the Buckingham Palace “emergency meeting” was because “London Bridge is Down”. “London Bridge is Down” is the code phrase for when Queen Elizabeth passes away.

Twitter via @sws_london

Some tweets expressed worry that Queen Elizabeth was about to announce her abdication as Queen. Simply put, she would step down from her Queen duties.

Twitter via @NightShade31415

There were even tweets that expressed hope that Queen Elizabeth was announcing that she was taking the United States back.

Twitter via @BevReese

Rumors swirled on Twitter. Many people believed that Buckingham Palace would make the announcement at 8AM London time. As a result, a lot of Twitter users were up at the wee hours refreshing their Twitter feed.

Twitter via @TheSamMoussa

It wasn’t until hours later, around 11AM London Time, that the reason behind the “emergency meeting” was finally released. You’ll never believe WHAT Buckingham Palace wanted to tell the world that led to a 3AM “emergency meeting”.

Twitter via @anthonybmasters

The whole world stayed up only to discover that the meeting was called to announce a retirement. According to Independent, Prince Philip will end his “royal duties”.

Twitter via @heidiEcampbell5

We think he deserves it, don’t you? After all, he is 96 years old. Happy retirement, Prince Phillip!

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Buckingham Palace Had Twitter Buzzing at 3AM All Because of This Announcement

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