How Silence is Helpful for Boosting Brain Power

Many recent studies advocated the importance of silence on expanding the mental power of human beings. We may not realize, but nowadays, silence is the one rare thing that is pretty hard to come by.

Universe often time suggest us that what is rare is always in demand. We all live in a noisy world where environmental sounds have a huge effect on us.

Let’s admit it- how often do we find ourselves in a complete silence?

And how long do we stay in it?

As soon as we experience the silent mode, we tend to break it with some music, TV or radio. By not realizing how important silence is for boosting brain power, we are depriving our brain of the possibility to relax, decrease stress or become more creative.

In this article, a spotlight will be put on showing you how silence can be effective and what silence can do for our mind and body.

1. Relieve Stress & Tension (Reduce Anxiety and Depression)

A lot of people haven’t even heard of the term noise pollution- let alone realized the effects of needless sounds on our mind. You see, by constantly exposing ourselves to noise, we tend to increase stress levels which lead to a sleep loss and require additional medical care.

There are many published and unpublished scientific papers that claimed the increase in blood pressure due to exposure to excessive noise.

As much as excessive noise can be harmful to our bodies and our minds, silence can have a significantly better effect that can void the harmful consequences we experienced earlier.

And while many assume that we need to be exposed to a lot of silence every day to remove the consequences of noise pollution successfully, scientists suggest how even the 5-minute silence exercise per day can make a shockingly big difference in cortisol levels.

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2. Regenerate brain cells (Mental Growth)

New brain cells do not necessarily mean you will have actual health advantages, however, those cells can appear to be of importance if they grew to be functioning neurons.

Study from 2013. done on mice by researcher Imke Krister confirmed the benefits of silence to regenerating the brain cells.

In this study, mice were exposed to silence for two hours a day, which had a great impact on their hippocampus. That is the area of the brain corresponded for memory and learning processes.

Even though our brains do not work similar to the one of a mouse, we certainly can see the impact of silence on any living thing. It is a matter of time when scientists will start actively finding a solution on how to give us enough time to experience silence every day.

3. Internalize and Evaluate Information

When our brains rest, which can’t literally happen as brains never stop working on certain functions, we are able to combine internal and external information into one workspace- our conscious.

That mode is called the “default mode,” and during that mode, we are effectively internalizing information. During the study that proved and defined this term, there was a rather surprising discovery that this mode is active during the process of self-reflection as well.

This is directly related to how we process information. When we are not distracted by some tasks or noise, we are able to enter the default mode that enables the brain to organize and process information in our conscious with ease.

By including several daily silence breaks, you can help your brain accomplish, and reorganize information into a workspace. Try to disengage from a noisy environment by going to a walk through a park or enter the space that is free from any kind of noise.

4. Replenish Cognitive Resources

Unlike many believe, cognitive abilities of a brain can be successfully restored even by using some of the simplest techniques. Until a couple of decades ago, scientists were convinced that once damaged, our cognitive abilities were unrepairable.

There are an extensive number of studies that proved how silence could actually improve cognitive functions such as attention, memory, problem-solving and reading.

It has also been proved that noise harms our performances. Noise pollution has the greatest impact on cognitive functions of children- there was a study that confirmed that households or classrooms that are near flight paths or highways had decreased children’s cognitive abilities and even language skills.

By entering the silent mode, we let our brain restore of everything that was temporarily lost due to excess noise.

5. Other Healthy Effects (e.g. Improve Health, Fights Insomnia, etc.)

Scientists have also recognized the correlation between silence and improvements in our lifestyle. It has been claimed that eating in silence can help our body process food faster which is quite important for our metabolism.

That, however, is not all. Silence can boost brain power, and that leads to eliminating problems with insomnia and it greatly enhances the sleep pattern.

A lot of people undermine the importance of sleep, but we definitely should never forget that establishing a particular sleep pattern can have great benefits on our minds and our cognitive abilities.

A Finnish tourist board had run a campaign that marketed silence as a product. They had presented Finland as a country of silence, where lifestyle is stress-free and harmonious. The campaign is run by the slogan “Silence, Please.” Even though this was only a marketing campaign, it clearly shows us that people already realize the benefits of silence.

The world is obviously becoming more cluttered and louder day after day. All of that creates additional stress, and a proper solution lies in making time to sit and relax and let our brain internalize and evaluate information in our brain.


We came up to the end of this post. By now, you should already realize how silence is essential to the functioning of our brains and how it can quickly boost brain power if implemented every day.

The best way to implement it is through meditation processes which help us relax and clear our minds of any toxic waste.

What do you think is the best environment to feel relaxed and experience the effects of silence?

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How Silence is Helpful for Boosting Brain Power

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