The Cutest Love Story You Will Read Today. She Found Her Soul Mate Nearby And Had No Idea Of It.

28 years old Brie Elizabeth grew up in a village, in the UK. While she was growing up she never knew she would later meet 31 years old Matthew Benfall in the future. Even though they grew up not far from each other, they never met.

At the age of 16, she saw Matthew for the first time while he was walking in the school corridor. Barie immediately had a crush on him even though she never knew his name. They rarely saw each other but anytime they were in the same room in school, she was not always herself.

Barie later left for a drama school in London and couldn’t talk and introduce herself to Matthew because she was shy.

One day, Matthew was watching a popular TV show and saw Barie featured in it. He searched for her on Facebook and then added her up.

He contacted her and they were always having some small talks and sending messages to each other. Even though they tried meeting up a lot of times, Barie would never allow it because she was always afraid.

The story changed on March 22nd the year 2014 when she sent a message to him. He was living in Australia while Barie was living in Los Angelis. It got to a time when they started sending love letters to each other.

She took up the courage and decided to meet him in Australia, after so many years. She booked a flight and traveled across the globe from Los Angelis to Australia.         

They met at the terminal in Sydney international airport for the first time. They both did what a man and woman in love will always do when meeting for the first time; kissed and hugged.

They both lived together for 3 years. They traveled to Singapore and when they got back Matthew engaged her at the Sydney international airport terminal where they first met 3 years ago, recalling the same way they did back then.     

They are now enjoying their life in Singapore and getting ready for that special occasion- their wedding ceremony. They want it to be as romantic as their engagement.

via: dailymail

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The Cutest Love Story You Will Read Today. She Found Her Soul Mate Nearby And Had No Idea Of It.

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