The Lifestyle of Successful People: Learn Why? Successful People Prefer to Wear Same Clothes Every Day

Fashion is an unceasingly growing industry. Humankind has spent hundreds of years actively searching and improving it.

But have we ever thought about how much time we waste deciding what to wear? More likely than not, we spend several hours each month on making a proper decision of what to wear and when.

More often than not, what we wear does not represent us. It is true that people judge the book by its covers, but that does not necessarily mean we need to keep losing time on trivial tasks of choosing a proper wardrobe every day.

Successful people have come up with a capsule wardrobe movement technique that is severely growing for the past couple of years. This is an idea of wearing 10-15 cloth items all the time.

The number of politicians and entrepreneurs who apply this technique is rapidly increasing, and that must be telling us something important.

This idea is far more interesting and productive than you may think, and here is why it has grown a momentum with a lot of successful people.

1.     It Eliminates Wastage of Time

One of the greatest advantages of the capsule technique is the benefit of gaining more time. In the fast living society, time has become “that thing” everyone lacks off.

While we all realize the importance of time, we rarely decide to make changes that will limit the time-sucking habits or even better, eliminate them altogether.

Our possessions, sooner or later, become our burden, and once we start removing them, we start feeling less clutter in our lives.

We start living a life of freedom and opportunity.

For everyone who is willing to try out the capsule wardrobe movement method can start with Project 333. This project is extremely beneficial, and some even dare to call it life-changing. It is based on a simple idea of wearing 33 different clothing items for three months.

As you progress with this project, you will quickly realize how your mornings have become easier and more efficient as you remove the clutter stuck in your mind. That nagging thought of what you will wear and how it is going to suit you will be long gone, and you will be a step closer to the other successful people.

2.     It Eliminates Wastage of Energy

Unfortunately, time is not the only thing our society often lacks. A dumb wasted energy represents a huge problem of the mankind, and we tend to continue wasting our time on stuff that clearly does not bring us any good.

You see, saving the energy for a more important task will give you the opportunity to reach success more quickly.

Christopher Nola, a successful filmmaker who had created several astonishing pieces in the 21st century, has confirmed our theories.

A long time ago, he decided that choosing what to wear every day represents a huge waste of his time. He is now adapting to a new lifestyle, where he only wears a jacket, with a blue shirt and black trousers. He has a pair of sensible shoes that fit this wardrobe choice.

From the moment he made this significant change, he claimed that he lives a more fulfilled and easier life. He emphasized the important point by saying that we waste a lot of energy on making trivial decisions, but we also spend a lot of space on huge wardrobes.

They require more maintenance, organization, and represent a nagging worry inside of our heads.

While we do not necessarily save time on doing the laundry, we definitely make it easier to storage.

3.     It Eliminates Decision Making

Needless to say, we spend so much time trying to come up with proper decisions. Some of them are life-important, some are not, but we definitely make more decisions on a daily basis than we have ever before in the history.

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, explained this on the best possible way by saying:

“I am in this really lucky position, where I get to wake up every day and help serve more than a billion people. And I feel like I am not doing my job if I spend any of my energy on things that are silly or frivolous about my life.”

Twitter | ScoopWhoop

What Zuckerberg is obviously trying to score is he wants a clutter free life. He is focused on serving his community, and while he often needs to look good, that does not necessarily mean he needs to spend a lot of time choosing what to wear. He already has that planned out.

Mark surprisingly managed to even become a brand by wearing a t-shirt or a sweatshirt with a pair of jeans, and he has motivated people across the globe to adopt this lifestyle habit.

Another successful individual has realized the importance of saving time on making less frivolous decisions in his life. Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, is recognized by wearing his black turtleneck with blue jeans. He had an idea of incorporating this technique to all employees, however, the idea was not successfully received, and it was quickly denied by everyone at Apple.

He did not give up on this method rather he kept on and became recognized by what he was wearing. Soon enough, others started copying him, and he did not felt the need to intentionally impose this method to other people in his company.

Other great examples are Albert Einstein, recognized by the copies of the same suit, Dean Kamen, with a signature outfit of denim shirts, denim jeans, and work boots.

And of course, Barack Obama, who openly supported this method by saying that he does not want to spend time making decisions on what he is going to eat or wear. He definitely has more important decisions to make, and that is why his signature outfit is a blue or gray suit.

4.     It Eliminates Wastage of Money

Even though most successful people do not care a lot about this factor, for an average guy this can be crucial. Knowing that you can save a couple of bucks by not spending a lot of money on that new fashion item is an awesome feeling.

Also, you can start stocking up the items when they are on the sale, and you will definitely save a lot of time when you are packing for travel.

Before you decide to purchase your clothing items, try to do the math of what exactly do you need and how many of each you need to have to keep the flow of clothes ready. You can’t let yourself lack in this category.

Also, it is quite easy to compare the prices and find the best price/quality ratio when you are only purchasing a several same items.

Before you purchase new clothing items, you will get the opportunity to get rid of your old clothes that you will not be wearing. You can decide to sell it and make few extra bucks that can be used for purchasing new clothes. You can always donate the clothes and sense another great feeling of giving and helping others.

Other Factors

Several other factors are a bit less important than the few mentioned above in this article. However, most will find it additionally useful.

Reduces Stress

By removing the unnecessary items from your life and eliminating the unneeded decision making, you will experience significantly lower stress levels.

This will lead to a stress-free life which is indeed a point of incorporating this change in your lifestyle.

When you start aging, you realize that not many clothes fit your style and your ages anymore. You feel like you can’t pull that jacket you wore when you were in your twenties or even thirties. You realize that time came for you to simplify this part of your life and organize your clothes by integrating the capsule wardrobe movement method.

Drew Barrymore, a famous American actress, felt the same. In one of her interviews, she mentioned the nagging thoughts held in the back of her head every day that occupied her attention and sucked her energy.

Drew Barrymore

She realized that she reached the age where simplicity is much more attractive than picking out that newest fashion item. She spent several months, thoughtfully purchasing only what she needs, while getting rid of all the clothing items that she was not wearing.

Now she confirms that her closet is organized, and that she is now no longer fighting the morning battles of what to wear.

Her fashion sense changed. She took a brave move and now lives a more calmed and peaceful life.

Simplifies Life

Consumerism is our enemy. We often have a diverse collection of clothing that is overrated, and that we have no use off. We worry about how others will perceive us, and we spend countless hours choosing the wardrobe we are going to wear. Still, we do not realize that this has substantial consequences on our mind.

We need to become aware of how simple and easy is to implement this change.

The Uruguay President Jose Mujica has proved our theories, and he openly refuses to wear a tie. He thinks of it as a useless clothing item. He often times emphasizes the fundamental things of human life and refuses to waste time on frivolities that have nothing to do with our happiness.

Uruguay President Jose Mujica

And we support his decision. Our focus should be put on creating a life that we are happy to live, not in which we are obsessed with material things.

If you are like an average American, in the closet you have at least 60% of the stuff you do not wear.

Often time we ask ourselves why we buy things we later do not even look at. The problem lies in our perception of happiness. We will rather choose short-term happiness and buy that jacket that we liked that one time we visited some shop, than plan and purchase items that are necessary and that will provide us long-term happiness.

True fulfillment lies in making benevolent changes in the world.

It Enhances Confidence And Focus.

The impact of this change on our confidence is quite notable. By choosing to wear a single piece of clothing, we make ourselves a brand. Other people will recognize us easier, and we will be more convinced that we have a bigger value.

And more often than not, we will have bigger value, as this method will bring significant positive changes in our lives.

Twitter | hinterlandg

Another great addition to this method represents the opportunity to choose what suits us and wear it day after day. By creating your own uniform, you can be good looking and stylish every day while at the same time, you feel comfortable and focused as you have not wasted any time on choosing the wardrobe.

It has already been chosen for you.

To Conclude

It is obvious that we are a society that freaks about every new fashion item and that we are slowly drowning in our possessions. They become our burden, our cross we need to bear.

That is why many successful people decided to reach freedom and rescue from this lifestyle by eliminating the constant troubles we experience about what to wear.

If you are looking to be successful, you should definitely follow the examples of the greatest technology experts such as Mark Zuckerberg or Steve Jobs, or follow politicians or actors that have taken the use of this method. They have all confirmed the positive effects this technique has on our mind and if you closely observe them, you will realize they have turned themselves into a brand by wearing the same outfit every time.

By following the habits of successful people, you will be able to attract success with ease as you can break into the mentality of those who created billion worth companies and helped people across the globe.

What do you think? Can wearing the same outfit be another step to success or it is just a hoax?

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The Lifestyle of Successful People: Learn Why? Successful People Prefer to Wear Same Clothes Every Day

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