Which type of personality you have?

Personality is a true character of a person. It gives you an idea about yourself and also helps you to think about your true uniqueness as a human being and your hidden abilities. Every person is very different in their own personal character traits. Let’s start the quiz so that you can learn more about your personality:

  1. 1 Pick a photo that inspires you?

    1. A Romantic Couple
    2. A Smiling Baby
    3. Scene of Nature
    4. A Company CEO
    5. Beautiful Flower
  2. 2 Which type of friend are you?

    1. I have a lot of friends and always enjoy to chat with them.
    2. I always want to lead a group and make everyone laugh.
    3. I always think about others feelings and put them first.
    4. I don’t have friends.
    5. I am a good listener but opens up to those who are close to me.
  3. 3 What is more important to you?

    1. Success
    2. Family
    3. Loyalty
    4. Happiness
    5. Money
  4. 4 If one of your friends/colleagues seems mad at you- how do you react?

    1. I directly ask the reason behind his/her ignorance.
    2. I react carefree.
    3. I don’t say anything to him/her but I try to find out the reason they are upset.
    4. I start an argument with him/her.
    5. I confront him/her/them in front of other colleagues.
  5. 5 What do you want to do for the perfect vacation?

    1. Visit a native place.
    2. Take a trip to hill station.
    3. Travel to a foreign country.
    4. Go on road trip for adventure.
    5. Have a Staycay At home.
  6. 6 How does this picture make you feel?

    1. Scared
    2. Uncomfortable
    3. Hopeful
    4. Sad
    5. I don’t know.
    6. Painful
  7. 7 How does this picture make you feel?

    1. Lonely
    2. Excited
    3. Shy
    4. Confident
    5. I don’t know.

Which type of personality you have?

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  1. Quiz result

    Emotional Introvert

    You are really very sensitive. Your brain analyzes things in a unique way and you are happy in your own company. You always listen to your heart. You don’t like to party or to mingle in large crowds. You prefer more intimate settings but also like your alone time and want time to enjoy yourself.
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  2. Quiz result

    Emotional Extrovert

    You are Emotional Extrovert. You have lot of friends and you enjoy traveling and having fun. You have a beautiful heart. You are rare and a unique gift of God to human kind. You feel empathy and compassion for others and try your best not to hurt anyone intentionally.
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  3. Quiz result

    Rational Introvert

    You have good Emotional Quotient (A Happy balance). It makes you a strong person and also a good decision maker. You veer away from public display and being social. Your brain always wins over your heart. You have a strong intuition and you quietly observe others. You can easily manage your emotions- which makes you very different from others.
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  4. Quiz result

    Rational Extrovert

    You are strong and confident. Your ability to be logical and rational makes it easy to take risks and also to make difficult decisions. You think effectively. You have an immense intuition. You are a deep thinker. You have a unique ability to be a leader and to be assertive, aggressive in order to make decisions that benefit you, your friends, and your career. which is beneficial for you and your workplace.
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Which type of personality you have?

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